Saturday, December 17, 2005

Giving an Example vs Being an Example

This writing is well motivated by the case of my best friend.

Maybe people thought both of them are the same.
But in my opinion, They are extreamly different.

Giving an Example
I can show you, how :
1. to deal with falling love. I have a bunch way to deal with it
2. you behave with elder
3. ...

Being an Example
It hardly happens if I do the same thing that I've shown you.
Almost none of those points, I can do it while I'm facing the real situation.

So..I shout to all my friends.
FELL FREE to remind me if I do something that different what I've shown/given to you before. I'm a dumb person (even worse than a donkey)

People says:
"Donkey has never fallen in the same place for the second time"
but how about me?

today.. I learn something from DONKEY..
how about tomorrow..??

Monday, November 28, 2005

Lil’(Little) Thing by Maliq n D'Essentials

Bila saja kau tau yang ku rasakan pada dirimu
Sulit untuk ku katakan betapa aku suka dirimu

Huu setiap kali ku menatapmu kau memberi arti untukku
Mungkinkah kau wanita untukku
Setiap kali ku bersamamu
Semua terasa indah bagiku dan ku tahu

Every little thing you do it feels so feels so good
It doesn't even have to be understood
You may think I’m crazy when I look at you
I ain’t even can keep my cool

Oh, no, I ain't even can keep my cool
Katakan padaku
Bila ada yang membuat kau ragukan aku
Isyaratkan aku
Bila kau memang mau untuk menjadi milikku

Huu setiap kali ku menatapmu kau memberi arti untukku
Mungkinkah kau wanita untukku
Setiap kali ku bersamamu
Semua terasa indah bagiku dan ku tahu

Huu setiap ku menatapmu memberi arti untukku
Huu setiap ku bersamamu terasa indah bagiku

Friday, November 25, 2005

Love..... Competition

some people agree that stuff can make you happy and sad in the same time.
While you are fallin love, normally people can get very fragile and week.
If you get it, you'll become stronger (at least that Maria Luisa's opinion)
but, if you lose it, you'll destroy hahahaha. (cool huh..)

I says that this one is the main fuel of capitalism. This ideology live because nowadays we always have competition all over the life.
Win or lose, They can bring you becoming stronger.

This characteristic is different with LOVE.
How about if "Love Competition"? about "Competition Love? are they different?

(to be continue)
[written in the first snowfall in this season and also the others fall]

Friday, November 18, 2005

One thing that I hate a lot

Hihihihi... I'm nearly don't have any people that I hate...
but there is one think, that I hate a lot

Fallin Love... becomes not-productive

Friday, October 21, 2005

One Good day comes after 7 bad days

That's the statement of my master HEIKO

Actually, it seems weird, because we can get the bad ones more than the good ones. But in other sense, it will make us more tough than we think.

Today 21st October 2005, maybe the worst day of my life.
1. I loose my place (read: apartment), and I've time less than 10 days to find the new one. Because he informed me today afternoon. And the worst is today is OCTOBER, the new students have just coming and take all the places.
2. I almost miss jummah praying in Ramadhan
3. I have disagreement with my supervisor
4. My research is getting more complicated than we (I and my supervisors) think before. And I have short period to solve it.
5. My supervisor from Toronto will coming in Monday. And the problems are still problem and not become the result.
6. Opera haven't paid back my down-payment for the previous apartment

But anyway, as my motto: "Always seeing the condition in good shape"
There are several good things today:
1. I have many friends in Trento that really friend. All of them are aware and help me to deal with the first problem. Thanks guys.
2. I get temporary for living, in case I couldn't find the place. Thanks for the guys in the next door (read: the door of University). Michelle, Morshed, Robert and Tariq.

Anything else.. I think no.. :(
anyway at least, I have one ups, there is we'll go for small climbing in Sunday (thx for Heiko).

hihihi Thanks God.. :P
Wish me luck

Monday, October 17, 2005


Today... reading a bunch of article about that notion.
mmmm, I think almost everything in the world is uncertain.
Maybe only died is certain.

The main reason of the uncertainty: ignorance and risk (unpredict event)

Uncertain in: passing the exams, having nice position at workplace, having nice spouse... all of them are fulfill the reson for become uncertainty.

But how about with DIED?
I dont' know (ignorant) how and what is the dead..instead of we don't breath anymore ;p
and this one is we can't predice when this event is occured.
But why it could be categorize as a certain event??
Or maybe we should change something??

Hihihi I don't have anything to do now.. and start getting bored.. :P
That's why there is this text

am I miss something??

I heard if .....
I speak if .....
I do if .....
I recieve the consequece if .....

Learn how to become a good listener before you try to be good speaker.
Try to deal with the consequence before you do something.
Thinking before speaking or acting is good.
The question how deep we should thinking?

Thinking and then Acting
Thinking thinking...... thinking.. considering... discussion.. [when we will act]

People told that I can take the decision in short period. Maybe because I don't think carefully.. :(
Now, in the work I do exploring reading.. contemplating... and afraid to take the position... ohhh my GOD.. what's going on.. with me

Am I loose something....

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

2nd week of Ramadhan

This is the first time, I'm starting the fasting months outside my lovely country.
Actually, last year I did the last week of Ramadhan in Trento... My Lovely City.

A lot of people... just wondered why I can survive without drinking and eating almost 14 hours.. hihihihi.
And simple answer: "If you believe something, you will do everything beyond your mind or maybe your ability"

And other question, "What do you expect from the God, for doing this (read: fasting)?"
simple answer: "I don't want anything more, the God has already given anything that I want"

Next Question, "So? what is your motif for doing this?"
answer: "Because It is obligatory as a muslim, and I believe about Islam"

Sometimes, I feel lucky because I believe about the existence of God.
and I know about Islam (thanks mom, you have pushed me a lot to know it)

I'll try to become better.
But now... I'm still far from the good muslim criteria.

Sometimes we should believe something, without understanding where it comes from. It is the same when we believe about the Axioms, there is no explanation why it should be like that. But and then we can derive "Huge and Great" Theorem based on those axioms.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Great Present from Christian

Mmm maybe he is not realize, if last week was my birhtday.
But anyway it's ok. ;)
Friday 2nd September 2005, I got nice and sudden mail.

"I have another ticket for the Formula 1 race on sunday in MONZA. If manage to go there let me know and you can have it",Christian said.

Wowww it's like falling star, nice offere and there is no word for "NO", but the problem is in 3rd Sept, I should go for Venice with the new Indonesia Compatriot, but As far as different time, I should manage it.

I went to MONZA with first train from Trento. There is so many people in Milan Central Station, all of them using all article represent each team in Grand Prix F1.

that's cool isn't it

This race was amazing, the sound of every car is too noisy but It's nice.
But I'm not 100% lucky... because my racers (read: Schumi and Kimi) were awful.
Anyway... again..... nice new experience.

Thank a lot for Christian.
Chris, when do we go for climbing again?? Let's do it before winter coming.

Oh ya for picture here

Sunday, September 04, 2005

New Indonesian Compatriot

Hip Hip.. Horeeeee
Finallya I have another compatriot instead of Nita and Chandra in Trento.
They are my friends in ITB, hihihihi not like Nita and Chandra (They are coming from other University, read: UI).

Yusi, Tizar, and Hananto. I hope I can get enough Indonesian Food from them.. :P
Rawon, Soto, Cingur, etc... yummy.

Today we go to Venice. This time is my third time, and still without someone significant other.. :(
This time, I'm not quite lucky because The weather is little rain and cloudy.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The world starts moving around

Fiuh... Finally, My temtation ended.
Almost, I've done nothing during summer.
But starting from end of August, I think everything getting better..
Because some of my friends ask for going around.

26 August 2005 : Seeing Guiseppe Verdi Opera : Nabucco in Arena, Verona
Actually, I'm not big fan of Opera, but there is nothing wrong with
trying new thing. ;-)
Nabucco is Nebuchadnezzar in English term. For more further
information see Nabbuco. I take some photographs also. It was very nice because I can't imagine how people can make that show in hundred yeard ago. In this section, I'm proud of Italy. Hihihi

New Commandment

fiuh... second quarter of the my life's century starts.
I wish become better man.....
- Finish the study at the right time
- D (Ups... I don't know.. :P)

Guys that knows me... Suggestion please... :P

thanks..wish me luck

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Friday, June 24, 2005

What do you do?

1. Going to University
2. Going Climbing
3. Going Home

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Friends are forever

I don't know what's going on today. But I'm feeling very great today
with the friendship. I've never expected has that's very nice friendship
in Europe. But here, In Trento Italy, I get a lot better than I've ever

I have so many friends with different nationality and different
character. They seems very complete, and very often they are superb and
I'm nothing.

I've Luiz(brazil) he always knows my mood, nice friend for fun and work,
Luckily, We are working in the same group. I met him in the first time I
go to DIT (the name of our Dept. in UNITN).

I've Heiko(german), he teach me a lot of think, from Climbing, Ice
Skating until Bowling hahaha. He is my MASTER, and he always funny even
he is German. He always respect with my belief, and very often he remind
me if I'll broke my belief, hehehe (Heiko, sometimes I'm not as good as
you think, anyway thank you for protecting me).

I've also Laurens(netherlands),Julia(poland) and Christian(Sweden) for climbing partner.
I'm sorry guys.. I'm tooo slow ;P I'd like to practice again.
Practice makes perfect

I've Annapaola(italy) and Harshit(india) that always help me in any
stuff related to formalism. Damn... they are very good. Eventually
Annap, she is too good in Automata n Logic. Btw I don't get an idea what
are you doing in order get that level. Hwaaa.....I want it become like
you, maybe someday... hahahaha

I've Robert(poland), Tariq(pakistan),GR, Alireza and Morshed - Eunus (bangladesh)
and other Spré ers. Party and gossiping every day.. guys.. :P

Also Houng(vietnam), Mary(italy) that always struggle in the same place
to overcome the stupid job (read: doing PhD)

and others Ganna, All Olga (because there is so much), etc

Sunday, June 05, 2005

How do you feel broken heart

Hurt? happy? sad?

mmm I think more than those words :D
There is a thick line between being friend and "girlfriend"

Maybe as thick as my body now.. :D hahaha.
So be careful to across that line, There is no point of return if you've
already crossed it.

For my opinion (now), girl is burden. :D (maybe it's just my
justification, because I don't have it) but really I'm feeling free and
can do whatever I want.
I can go wherever I want
I can work as long as I want
I can go with anyone that I want

It's cool.. :D
Besides that, I never feel broken heart.
because I'm follow the basic rule.
"Never fallin hearth, so you'll never broken heart"
Love is sword, both of the sides are sharp.
It can hurt you or your enemy.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Stupidity ??

Love and Loyal

Sometimes people did stupid to proof. the his loyalty and for his love.
Is it right?

Some people says right, others no.
And I'm aggre with the NO one. :-P

But It is different matter between right and wrong
choosing what supposed to do or not.

I'll do it somethin that seems very stupid and maybe wrong, as far as I want and have confidence about that.

Do it what ever do you believe. If you start a doubt. so it's the first signal that you are wrong.

Energy always comes from belief, desire and intention
it's the same with BDI Concept in Agent Oriented System

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Sometimes loosing is very hard...

but sometimes is not, like loosing the air (fart) hehehe
I'm sorry for, It's soo long I haven't filled in anything here.
Writing is the most hard work for me.

Science today... I try to change it.

Today, I'm feeling so... loooooooooooonely... Miss all my friend in Indonesia (Gresik, Surabaya, Bandung, etc) hicks... I wish the best for you all guys.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

I'm back...


Finnaly.. I pass The Exams.. :P
I hope everything gone a be OK..
wish me luck guys...

Live is a journey
sometimes journey should be ended because of the time, resource, and ability
as long as you can ... use that moment...
Chance never comes in the right time.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Comprehensive Exam is not Competition Area

Comprehensive Exam..... it's the biggest terror during my staying in Italy

I'm very lucky all my friends are very kind, they share their knowledge and discuss about all materials. I think it's quite different when I study before.

There is no competition among us, every body try to help each other to overcome this exams. We should use whole ability and knowledge to pass it.

This is not competition, it's not selection, sooo I think it'd be good if every body passes and does the research.

Good luck for every body

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Struggle for everything

A Few days after (at Thursday, February 17th 2005)

I get the biggest moment for my life. Because of this moment, The Comprehensive Exams will be held. It's my first exams for the last 3 years.
Actually, my condition at this time is not quite good (heart and body) hahaha. But I realize I should overcome this challenge.

Study Hard, Work Hard and Pray (Tawakaltul Allah)

In this case, I see there is a good site that has already improved from my self. I don't get any stress like before. I feel relax and try to fulfill all my milestones. I wish I can pass perfectly this exam.
I know The God will decide anything that the best for me.
I've never known what the best is for me for today and future.
I've just known what I want at this time.

So, My duty is study, do the exams as good as I can.
How bout the final result? Who care bout that... nothing I can do at this section, everything is depend on the God.

I wish I can accept all the possibility.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Do you know me......




Which one(s) are mine hehehehehe?
Put your answe in comment area (please don't put in shoutbox)

I'll wait n see your answer guys.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

True freedom

Why Indonesia loose the beauty for Tourism?

Maybe my conclusion isn't valid enough, because I haven't traveled around
Indonesia. Some days ago, I went to some place in Italy (Venice, Florence,
and Pisa). I met there is so many people from around the world (also
Italian) for spend holiday there.
I can see how the government and citizen try to conserve the old building.
Because of there are so many old buildings in good condition. I can feel:
1. Old path and city architecture
2. Water canal
3. Old church
They are so unique... maybe you can't see that kind of situation in
other place in the world.
How about Indonesia? Where is the place for Culture Conservation? Every old
kingdom had so many sites, artifacts, and unique city architecture and
building. Where they are now?
In Jakarta-Old city? (these days those places are very awful; you can see
Jakarta Kota Station, Priok, the old building of Indonesian Central Bank)
In Surabaya? (Maybe 20 years ago, they are very important for Business
Center, but where is the uniqueness of Tunjungan Street? Only Orange Hotel
[now, Majapahit Hotel] is still exist in retro condition, but the others are
not, hiks..)

Refer to my statement that I see Italian goes to Florence to see artifacts
in Museum. Hahahaha When do we go to Museum for the last time? Months ago?
Years ago? Hahaha I also forget when the last time I went to go to Museum
So it means I doesn't has enough respect to my culture or the other
ours (like mountain, beach, etc). How about you, guys? I hope I'm the worst
Indonesian to do that.

Security and Comfort are the main thing for foreign people.
Which public transportation can go and arrived on time?
What kind of inside city transportation is comfort for us? [Maybe only Blue
Bird Taxi, because even Taxi, you can smell smoke in the car, sometime the
driver will rob you]. How about bus way? Subway? Metromini? Hahahaha --no

Enough.. for grumbling

May be we can't solve all the problems, but at least we should do something
to minimize those problems.
Let say:
Tried to start knowing, good Indonesian place for vacation
Tried not smoking in public place

Let's make it real...
Maybe, we can't become a big nation like US, Germany, French, etc. in the
But I think we should have a dream becoming big and important nation.

The true freedoms are only in mind and dream
So do it, There is nothing wrong has that kind of dream.
And let's try to reach our dream, become big nation hahahaha

Please stop our proud about the old history like Sriwijaya, Majapahit, etc
Just give them respect, learn about their success.

Wake up and Make it real.
I wish dream come true.

Monday, January 10, 2005


Firenze...seems sooooo quiet.
But it's important city in Italy
- the 2nd business city after Milan a
- 1st city for culture and philosophy restoration

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Pisa or Pizza....

Finnaly, I know why Torre Pisa doesn't straight anymore
Let see what they are doing....
Please someone rid them out or we will lose our Pisa

Monday, January 03, 2005

White-Red Jacket

All my pictures are using that jacket. Please don't be negative thinking.
Because at this moment, it is the most proper jacket that I have
I Hope I can buy the other one :-P


Venice... at Beginning of this Year

St. Marco... Center of Venice. Want to see more.... please see my Photo Gallery