Saturday, August 27, 2005

The world starts moving around

Fiuh... Finally, My temtation ended.
Almost, I've done nothing during summer.
But starting from end of August, I think everything getting better..
Because some of my friends ask for going around.

26 August 2005 : Seeing Guiseppe Verdi Opera : Nabucco in Arena, Verona
Actually, I'm not big fan of Opera, but there is nothing wrong with
trying new thing. ;-)
Nabucco is Nebuchadnezzar in English term. For more further
information see Nabbuco. I take some photographs also. It was very nice because I can't imagine how people can make that show in hundred yeard ago. In this section, I'm proud of Italy. Hihihi

New Commandment

fiuh... second quarter of the my life's century starts.
I wish become better man.....
- Finish the study at the right time
- D (Ups... I don't know.. :P)

Guys that knows me... Suggestion please... :P

thanks..wish me luck