Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Comprehensive Exam is not Competition Area

Comprehensive Exam..... it's the biggest terror during my staying in Italy

I'm very lucky all my friends are very kind, they share their knowledge and discuss about all materials. I think it's quite different when I study before.

There is no competition among us, every body try to help each other to overcome this exams. We should use whole ability and knowledge to pass it.

This is not competition, it's not selection, sooo I think it'd be good if every body passes and does the research.

Good luck for every body

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Struggle for everything

A Few days after (at Thursday, February 17th 2005)

I get the biggest moment for my life. Because of this moment, The Comprehensive Exams will be held. It's my first exams for the last 3 years.
Actually, my condition at this time is not quite good (heart and body) hahaha. But I realize I should overcome this challenge.

Study Hard, Work Hard and Pray (Tawakaltul Allah)

In this case, I see there is a good site that has already improved from my self. I don't get any stress like before. I feel relax and try to fulfill all my milestones. I wish I can pass perfectly this exam.
I know The God will decide anything that the best for me.
I've never known what the best is for me for today and future.
I've just known what I want at this time.

So, My duty is study, do the exams as good as I can.
How bout the final result? Who care bout that... nothing I can do at this section, everything is depend on the God.

I wish I can accept all the possibility.