Saturday, December 17, 2005

Giving an Example vs Being an Example

This writing is well motivated by the case of my best friend.

Maybe people thought both of them are the same.
But in my opinion, They are extreamly different.

Giving an Example
I can show you, how :
1. to deal with falling love. I have a bunch way to deal with it
2. you behave with elder
3. ...

Being an Example
It hardly happens if I do the same thing that I've shown you.
Almost none of those points, I can do it while I'm facing the real situation.

So..I shout to all my friends.
FELL FREE to remind me if I do something that different what I've shown/given to you before. I'm a dumb person (even worse than a donkey)

People says:
"Donkey has never fallen in the same place for the second time"
but how about me?

today.. I learn something from DONKEY..
how about tomorrow..??