Friday, June 24, 2005

What do you do?

1. Going to University
2. Going Climbing
3. Going Home

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Friends are forever

I don't know what's going on today. But I'm feeling very great today
with the friendship. I've never expected has that's very nice friendship
in Europe. But here, In Trento Italy, I get a lot better than I've ever

I have so many friends with different nationality and different
character. They seems very complete, and very often they are superb and
I'm nothing.

I've Luiz(brazil) he always knows my mood, nice friend for fun and work,
Luckily, We are working in the same group. I met him in the first time I
go to DIT (the name of our Dept. in UNITN).

I've Heiko(german), he teach me a lot of think, from Climbing, Ice
Skating until Bowling hahaha. He is my MASTER, and he always funny even
he is German. He always respect with my belief, and very often he remind
me if I'll broke my belief, hehehe (Heiko, sometimes I'm not as good as
you think, anyway thank you for protecting me).

I've also Laurens(netherlands),Julia(poland) and Christian(Sweden) for climbing partner.
I'm sorry guys.. I'm tooo slow ;P I'd like to practice again.
Practice makes perfect

I've Annapaola(italy) and Harshit(india) that always help me in any
stuff related to formalism. Damn... they are very good. Eventually
Annap, she is too good in Automata n Logic. Btw I don't get an idea what
are you doing in order get that level. Hwaaa.....I want it become like
you, maybe someday... hahahaha

I've Robert(poland), Tariq(pakistan),GR, Alireza and Morshed - Eunus (bangladesh)
and other Spré ers. Party and gossiping every day.. guys.. :P

Also Houng(vietnam), Mary(italy) that always struggle in the same place
to overcome the stupid job (read: doing PhD)

and others Ganna, All Olga (because there is so much), etc

Sunday, June 05, 2005

How do you feel broken heart

Hurt? happy? sad?

mmm I think more than those words :D
There is a thick line between being friend and "girlfriend"

Maybe as thick as my body now.. :D hahaha.
So be careful to across that line, There is no point of return if you've
already crossed it.

For my opinion (now), girl is burden. :D (maybe it's just my
justification, because I don't have it) but really I'm feeling free and
can do whatever I want.
I can go wherever I want
I can work as long as I want
I can go with anyone that I want

It's cool.. :D
Besides that, I never feel broken heart.
because I'm follow the basic rule.
"Never fallin hearth, so you'll never broken heart"
Love is sword, both of the sides are sharp.
It can hurt you or your enemy.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Stupidity ??

Love and Loyal

Sometimes people did stupid to proof. the his loyalty and for his love.
Is it right?

Some people says right, others no.
And I'm aggre with the NO one. :-P

But It is different matter between right and wrong
choosing what supposed to do or not.

I'll do it somethin that seems very stupid and maybe wrong, as far as I want and have confidence about that.

Do it what ever do you believe. If you start a doubt. so it's the first signal that you are wrong.

Energy always comes from belief, desire and intention
it's the same with BDI Concept in Agent Oriented System