Friday, November 26, 2004

Live...? What is that?

Live... mmm

Tom Hanks in Forest Gump said, "Live is a box of Chocolate, sometime I like
that kind inside the chocolate, sometime not."

But I don't know what Live is for...
Sometime we should do something that we hate.
Sometime we can't do something that we want/need.

Live is complicated.

Sometimes it's so sweet
Sometimes it's so sad
But most of them are both

That's a live

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Loosing your Grip

It sounds like Avirl's Song

Yup at this time, I try to adopt this song to write my blog.
I don't know there is so many assignments should be finished by me at this
moment. But when I see the computer there is always something new what I
find. I think someday I should unplug my computer from the network so I
can't access the internet for while.

But it's not the answer. I know I'm loosing my grip or orientation. I'm
still enjoying the facility as student here. Because I get new build up PC
and broadband access internet. Everything is easy to get from here.

Unplug the computer is the temporal solution. Someday I'll see the
interesting thing when my computer unplug from the network, so the same
problem will come.

I need harder motivation than now...and It should be more interesting than
internet. Internet is the tool for achieving my goal here and not the goal
it self.

Solve the problem at the root cause, don't just kill the symptoms, otherwise
you've just need the pain killer.

Monday, November 22, 2004

What is the friend...

Wheel Live in Indonesia...working again

Some of my friends already been seen at Yahoo Messenger. It's the place to share everything about story and experience to all others even at different part of this world.

When I see my friend list, I miss them all...
But nothing can I do to kill that felling.

I don't know what the friends are for (actually this time)...??

The friend is the guys:
May be he/she is not exist if you want it, but always there when you need
Who can share everything to help/solve our problem

Friday, November 19, 2004

What are you doing ?

What are you doing if actually you are not capable enough to stay there?

Sometimes we have to do something outside your capability.... this time you are doing something...and someone tell that you are
not capable enough to doing that. Because of no other choice...the choice
only you...that's why they asked to you to do it.

Fiuh.. feels like a looser.....
There are two ways to solve that feeling...
1. Making them feeling guilty because they think you are not capable
2. Quit or you'll be actual looser

Live is challenge. Sometime we should bet something bigger than we have.

Broker always says, "High risk, high gain".

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

New Commandment

Today, I receive so many stuff for Comprehensive Exams, huh It's only in
Computer Science Area... huhuhu There are two more are Telecommunication and
Poor me

At Afternoon I came to discussion forum, it makes me so nervous because I
met so many "great scientist" there. There my "SUPER"visor Prof. John
Mylopous and the other Prof. hehehe.
But its ok, I should face it, because may be someday I hope I become a great
like them. Only some of attendance speak (They are SUPER ones),the others
are so quite, I don't know they are confuse or shying :-p
At least I know a few of these materials. Hehehe

At evening the other "GREAT" contact me to structuring Tropos Project.
Ooooh God, in my Department in Indonesia there is no Prof. There. so I'm
still nervous when I talk or discuss with them.

By The Way Paolo Giorgini, he always helps me, to communicate with others
He is kind person... thanks a lot Paolo

New Commandment..
There is no way to run
You should reach your limit, if you reach it PUSH IT

Monday, November 15, 2004

New Live should have hard commitment

Today I'll try to finish my stuff related to Bank or Doctorate Office or
they don't pay my scholarship. By the way poor me, because they will pay me
3 weeks later, it means I should be survive with my own money until next
months (imagine every beginning of months we should pay for house rent
around 225Euro hahaha sooo big)

I come for study whatever will be its ok. I should be faced it with/without

Today I'm feeling so miss my own Indonesian Environment
I miss you all Sistel'ers n DIVUSI'ers, hiks....
All experience I got from that environment, and today I should face another
environment lonely. I always ask them to help me if I meet some difficulties
and today I should solve it alone.

Wake up YUDIS ... let's run, take any opportunity or you'll be loose it.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Eid ul-Fithr

Finally, I found Islamic Community in Trento. I go there with Maroco guy, they can't speak english and I can't speak Italian hahahaha along away there just silent ......

There are so many Moslem in Trento, I never imagines that one big Basket Ball Hall will be so crowded because there are so many people join for praying (like pray at Masjid Al-Haram)

At the end of praying, there is one Italian man stand in front of us, he is a senatore of Trentini Alto Adige. I just keep small smile in my heart, like in my country every ceremony always be attended by politician (I hope I'm wrong)

They are from Maroco, Tunis, Pakistan, Banglades, Albanian, etc...
but I don't see any other Melayu except me....hihihihi

After praying I get panic because I don't know where am I now......
but I see bus stop and that problem can be solved

fiuh... nice seeing them, they are my family in Italy
my Eid ul-Fithr is better than my imagination

Thanks Allah..

Friday, November 12, 2004

Sucks Weekend

Nothing can't I do at this weekend

This weekend, I'm celebrating Eid Mubarak and I'm still dunno where I should go to pry Eid Mubarak....
My best friend in Trento is Nita (only another Indonesian), she goes for seminar this weekend, so we can't celebrate Eid Mubarak with cooking OPOR AYAM.... yummmy..

I don't understand why they ask me to get here at 2nd of November.... because the course will be started at end of January. If I know that'd be happened I'll stay longer at Indonesia and go here after Eid Mubarak.

My flatmate goes to milan, and tommorow I can't use Internet facilities because I'm still have no permition from my supervisor... Poor me...

Enough for today, I hope I'll get the idea to spend all day long tommorw and the day after tommorow. Hahahaha Ces't la vie...

War begin, and I miss this Battle

Thursday, November 11, 2004

My First time go to EUROPE


Finally, I get my connection to my world...INTERNET

Kalo orang bilang di eropa semua yang berbau dengan IT mudah tapi kayaknya ndak berlaku untuk kasusku. Karena dah minggu ke-2 aku di Italy baru aku dapet koneksi ke dunia-ku.

Btw thanks for Sebastian Perisi and Paolo Giorgini, they make this process faster than usually, because I'm the first student get Internet Connection.

At this time I get my apartement with Alireza (guy from Iran), and only share-room but it's quite cheap if its compare with in the others.
I'm still missing my environement in Bandung, STO in Jakarta, and Operation Room in ATC-Polonia and Tubagus III/10 and others....... hiks...hiks...


Monday, November 01, 2004

First BLOG

Fiuh... finally I come to Trento
I hope I can set up my new life as a scientist (hahaha soo funny)

It's my first time go abroad alone, and it's my first time go to Europe

By the way as long as my journey I didn't find any big trouble (only little ones).
Thanks God

When I arrived to Malpensa-Milan, I just took Bus to Stazione Centrale.
Lucky me: because Nita has told about how to buy ticket there, because the ticket office at corner of building and there is no announcement bout that place.

I meet difficulty, because my train would go in 5 minutes, and I should go to first floor to get there with my very big Suitcase and the small one, or I go with another train 40 minutes later.
In my mind Go yudis.... or you would arrive at Trento at middle of night
I can't see which compartment I should take to that train
Lucky me: I met the girl (she cannot speak English but she know what I am asking). She show me the number, and I run go there.

Hahaha like rush hour in Bandung when I try to catch my train to Jakarta using Parahyangan. I don't know where I should sit, because the ticket written in Italian (huuh).

Lucky me: I met with Bangladesh guy, he told me where and he is also a Moslem soooo he tell me when I should break my fasting... hahahaha God always helping me....

When I arrived at Verona, I try to buy a drink for breaking fasting, and at next to my old train there is a banner "TRENTO-BOLZANO" hahahaha

Lucky me: I throw my big suitcase to that train and suddenly the train go. fiuh.. thanks God.

At the same time there is a young Italian girl that have just come from Venezia, only her that the people arround me can speak English. This train didn't give any announcement about the next station, so I should find where the train stop in Trento, because Bolzano is the final destination of this train n not Trent :(

Lucky me: That girl's name is Barbara. She study language in Venezia n Austria, and she will go to Trento, so I shouldn't find where I should go down... hahaha. Company with a nice, clever, sweet n pretty girl..... Thanks God

When I arrived at Trento at 08.00 p.m. and I don't know who is Nita and how does she look like?

Lucky me:
Only one Indonesian girl stand up in front of the station. And I know she is Nita. She is very kind and tough girl.
I can't imagine what could be happened if I'm coming first than Nita.

I stay at Nita's place for a moment until my place ready. She teach me a lot about how live in Italy. Thanks Nita for you're helping. There are so many things I learn from her

Fiuh.. thanks for all peopel who helping me...
Thanks God

But I'm still miss Sistel'ers, DIVUSI'ers, My Familiy and Friend....
I miss the moment I shout "Hoi.... bangun-bangung... mau berangkat jam berapa nih"
I miss the moment we stay whole day long at one box in RDPS
Climb up the rack to take another cable with RSP n Duktek'ers
Make a code in cold room with agent double "H"
Hang out try shiatsu and other delicious food----> Akung
I miss Cimoheng......Mbak Evi, Om Iza, Oon-Weni, Veriy, Fifi, Rafi n adeknya...

Wish me luck guys....

Live always struggle....
You should struggle for better live
Take all your opportunity, or you wouldn't see again