Sunday, November 14, 2004

Eid ul-Fithr

Finally, I found Islamic Community in Trento. I go there with Maroco guy, they can't speak english and I can't speak Italian hahahaha along away there just silent ......

There are so many Moslem in Trento, I never imagines that one big Basket Ball Hall will be so crowded because there are so many people join for praying (like pray at Masjid Al-Haram)

At the end of praying, there is one Italian man stand in front of us, he is a senatore of Trentini Alto Adige. I just keep small smile in my heart, like in my country every ceremony always be attended by politician (I hope I'm wrong)

They are from Maroco, Tunis, Pakistan, Banglades, Albanian, etc...
but I don't see any other Melayu except me....hihihihi

After praying I get panic because I don't know where am I now......
but I see bus stop and that problem can be solved

fiuh... nice seeing them, they are my family in Italy
my Eid ul-Fithr is better than my imagination

Thanks Allah..

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Good stuff,so keep writing :)
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