Friday, November 12, 2004

Sucks Weekend

Nothing can't I do at this weekend

This weekend, I'm celebrating Eid Mubarak and I'm still dunno where I should go to pry Eid Mubarak....
My best friend in Trento is Nita (only another Indonesian), she goes for seminar this weekend, so we can't celebrate Eid Mubarak with cooking OPOR AYAM.... yummmy..

I don't understand why they ask me to get here at 2nd of November.... because the course will be started at end of January. If I know that'd be happened I'll stay longer at Indonesia and go here after Eid Mubarak.

My flatmate goes to milan, and tommorow I can't use Internet facilities because I'm still have no permition from my supervisor... Poor me...

Enough for today, I hope I'll get the idea to spend all day long tommorw and the day after tommorow. Hahahaha Ces't la vie...

War begin, and I miss this Battle

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