Tuesday, November 16, 2004

New Commandment

Today, I receive so many stuff for Comprehensive Exams, huh It's only in
Computer Science Area... huhuhu There are two more are Telecommunication and
Poor me

At Afternoon I came to discussion forum, it makes me so nervous because I
met so many "great scientist" there. There my "SUPER"visor Prof. John
Mylopous and the other Prof. hehehe.
But its ok, I should face it, because may be someday I hope I become a great
like them. Only some of attendance speak (They are SUPER ones),the others
are so quite, I don't know they are confuse or shying :-p
At least I know a few of these materials. Hehehe

At evening the other "GREAT" contact me to structuring Tropos Project.
Ooooh God, in my Department in Indonesia there is no Prof. There. so I'm
still nervous when I talk or discuss with them.

By The Way Paolo Giorgini, he always helps me, to communicate with others
He is kind person... thanks a lot Paolo

New Commandment..
There is no way to run
You should reach your limit, if you reach it PUSH IT

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