Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Loosing your Grip

It sounds like Avirl's Song

Yup at this time, I try to adopt this song to write my blog.
I don't know there is so many assignments should be finished by me at this
moment. But when I see the computer there is always something new what I
find. I think someday I should unplug my computer from the network so I
can't access the internet for while.

But it's not the answer. I know I'm loosing my grip or orientation. I'm
still enjoying the facility as student here. Because I get new build up PC
and broadband access internet. Everything is easy to get from here.

Unplug the computer is the temporal solution. Someday I'll see the
interesting thing when my computer unplug from the network, so the same
problem will come.

I need harder motivation than now...and It should be more interesting than
internet. Internet is the tool for achieving my goal here and not the goal
it self.

Solve the problem at the root cause, don't just kill the symptoms, otherwise
you've just need the pain killer.

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