Tuesday, December 28, 2004

What the "LOVE" is..?

When you have LOVE:
You trust it
You believe in it. Take a chance on it.
You're willing to sacrifice anything to keep it
No matter what the cost

[Quotation form Clark Kent in Lex's Party]

Great Snow in my place....

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Majulah Indonesia, Negeriku...

Setiap hari.... mendengarkan liputan 6(SCTV), detik.com, Kompas.com

Adalah ritual yang aku lakukan setiap hari saat pertama sampai di kampus.
Aku tidak pernah melakukan hal tersebut pada saat aku berada ditanah air.
Entah karena sok-kesibukanku, atau aku dapat dengan mudah mendapatkan info
tentang kondisi Negara ku. Cuman satu komentar ku... poor you....

Masalah BBM, Masalah TKI Ilegal, masalah bencana alam, masalah Politik,
Hukum, likuidasi Bank, Tawanan Lari, tersangka lari,Munir dan masih banyak
lagi... (malu kalo liat listnya)
Mungkin aku ndak tahu apa yang bisa dilakukan oleh seorang SBY walau dia
dapat legitimasi sebesar itu dari lebih 200juta orang di Indonesia. Karena
begitu kompleks dan semrawut.

Mungkin kita sudah harus bangkit, coba berpikir utk bangkit dan mengejar
ketertinggalan kita. Malu sekali kalo liat keadaan kita .... apalagi kalo
dikompare dengan Negara lain. Indonesia pernah jadi Macan Asia, Indonesia
pernah menjadi pemimpin Asia Tenggara, Indonesia pernah punya pengaruh besar
dalam Asia-Afrika, Indonesia pernah sangat disegani oleh negara-negara lain.
Sayang semua kalimat diatas "Past Tense".

Kenapa kita tidak bisa bangkit? Kurang orang pinter? Kurang orang baik?
Kurang alim? Kurang usaha? Kurang....?
Hahaha pertanyaan klasik emang kita kurang apa sih untuk bangkit dan
mengejar semua ketertinggalan kita.

Tapi pertanyaan itu ndak perlu dijawab, yang jelas kita perlu berbuat
sesuatu untuk menjadi lebih baik.
Pasti ada yang tanya, berbuat seperti apa?
Hahaha pertanyaan klasik...

Tapi dari situ saya bisa ambil kesimpulan...
Kita kurang bekerja dan terlalu banyak Ngomong n Bertanya?

Mirip seperti Bani Israil, dimana selalu tanya Sapi seperti apa .. dengan
detil, tapi tak pernah mulai bertindak dan berbuat.

Selamat berkarya... apapun karya temen-temen aku yakin, semua Indonesian
pingin dirinya kembali bermartabat dan makmur.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Past n Future

In three days, I lost my uncle n Grandpa. Huuuh I think it's quite hard for
our family, because in 26 December one of my cousin has got married.

I hope everything going to be ok. So from this time I've no Grandpa or
Grandma any more. Maybe we should try to find the other ritual in
Eidul-Fithr. One-of-one, person that I love go...that's a life.

Nothing I can do about the past, but
Maybe there are something I can do for the future

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

First Party in Europe

Last night I attend to farewell party on of Indian guy. He wants back to
India. I never attend to that kind of party, I've just seen on Hollywood
Movie (like American Pie).

No food there, only place, music, and some kind of drinking. When I came I
hope there was some non-alcohol stuff there, and it's true. Amien.

One of my friends (Nikola form Serbian) keeps a bottle of Coke n Juice just
for me. And he shouts to other, don't drink them because it's for me. Hahaha
I just said Thank you. They are so tolerant with me, because of all my flat
mates know that I'm Moslem, and until this day I don't want to try it.

Every body was jumping and dance, n I don't know why I can't enjoy the music
and that's why I didn't jump or dance. Sometimes they did something silly
because they got drunk, and it made me laugh.

The beginning of party, I thought maybe if My Religion allows me to drink
alcohol, I'll enjoy the party. But at that time I thought Thanks god,
because I never did something silly or embarrassing because I never lose my
Every choice has own consequences
Every person has own habit/culture
Don't ever regret about your condition, because you can't make it better if
just only regret
Be positive thinking for everything

Monday, December 06, 2004

Completeness vs Perfectness

Maybe some of people never think both of them are comparable.
But someday people think they are the same. A Man is complete it means he is

But may be He is complete because of the in-perfectness (Quote form QQ's

I think I can't reach the prefect condition/best, but I can try to get
better than today. It will succeed or not, it's different thing. Becoming
complete is not a big deal, because it depends on what other thing that will
be compared.

Effort can be counted by two aspects, the final result and the process.
Don't ever hate people that he does something and he fails, but you can hate
him, if he fails doing something (doesn't do anything)

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Man from tomorrow

Mmm I like this word (quote from Lex Luthor statements in Smallville)

Maybe everyone in this world wants to be a winner.
How about if I'm the man from tomorrow, can you against me?

The world is only one, but there 5 Billion people try to live there.
We should try doing the best and become the best one.

The Man from tomorrow, are coming from the winner of today's battle

Friday, December 03, 2004

In the afternoon before going to city of Trento Posted by Hello

What's the man like.....

Every woman in this planet always say the men came from MARS, that's why
there is so many story about relationship.

Today I try to read some chapter of Man from Mars and Woman from Venus.
I just keep small smile about that book. [I think its quite good work]

But I'm feeling from other planet. :(
Sometimes being different is nice, but sometimes not.
Rainbow is beautiful because of the colorful
How about in human...

why woman choose you:
Maybe you are not the best one,
Maybe you are not her true lover
Whenever she needs you, you are there. It makes her feel safe [Good job Man]
Maybe from all the man came from MARS (that's why it's so difficult for
woman to understand them.
But I'm from other planet..... What is mean? (Easier or Harder to