Wednesday, December 08, 2004

First Party in Europe

Last night I attend to farewell party on of Indian guy. He wants back to
India. I never attend to that kind of party, I've just seen on Hollywood
Movie (like American Pie).

No food there, only place, music, and some kind of drinking. When I came I
hope there was some non-alcohol stuff there, and it's true. Amien.

One of my friends (Nikola form Serbian) keeps a bottle of Coke n Juice just
for me. And he shouts to other, don't drink them because it's for me. Hahaha
I just said Thank you. They are so tolerant with me, because of all my flat
mates know that I'm Moslem, and until this day I don't want to try it.

Every body was jumping and dance, n I don't know why I can't enjoy the music
and that's why I didn't jump or dance. Sometimes they did something silly
because they got drunk, and it made me laugh.

The beginning of party, I thought maybe if My Religion allows me to drink
alcohol, I'll enjoy the party. But at that time I thought Thanks god,
because I never did something silly or embarrassing because I never lose my
Every choice has own consequences
Every person has own habit/culture
Don't ever regret about your condition, because you can't make it better if
just only regret
Be positive thinking for everything

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