Friday, December 03, 2004

What's the man like.....

Every woman in this planet always say the men came from MARS, that's why
there is so many story about relationship.

Today I try to read some chapter of Man from Mars and Woman from Venus.
I just keep small smile about that book. [I think its quite good work]

But I'm feeling from other planet. :(
Sometimes being different is nice, but sometimes not.
Rainbow is beautiful because of the colorful
How about in human...

why woman choose you:
Maybe you are not the best one,
Maybe you are not her true lover
Whenever she needs you, you are there. It makes her feel safe [Good job Man]
Maybe from all the man came from MARS (that's why it's so difficult for
woman to understand them.
But I'm from other planet..... What is mean? (Easier or Harder to

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