Sunday, May 13, 2007


Several days back, I received an mail from my old best friend (Anggia) about a short documentary film in Globalism. Actually, I've know all these issues since I was a under graduate student, but there is something new here.... Everything is showed for people that grows up in the CAPITALISM spirit and environment in their perspective also.
How companies (e.g., FORD, General Motors) have enormous power.. even greater than Denmark or South Africa which are not categorized as 3rd World Countries.
The most "great" (I don't know it is amusing or embarrassing) thing is the film uses INDONESIA as the case.

I do believe about DEMOCRACY as one of the best way to the prosperity, but again it is not the only ONE. Recently, The west world advertises that being a democratic society is the only way to get prosperity. The liberation (personally, I aint totally agree with this term) of Iraq and Afghanistan are some examples to make some countries being democratic one.
I think.. we can't say what is the best thing for others, let them to decide which one is the most fit for them. We can give an example how democracy work and motivate them to do the same, and not more than that.
Democracy, Globalism, Emancipation, Freewill are one package that become "big-password" for a better society.
Do you agree with this?
Personally, I agree ... but those definitions are not the same with the ones in western countries.
We (Indonesians) have different values therefore we need to adapt those notions to our context.

Globalism can be seen Socialism among the rich and Capitalism among the poor (as the film said).
The rich more and more gets more money, and the poor more and more gets more debt. I don't oppose the idea of global-economy, but I don't like if the producers (labors) suffers and the owners lives in richness.
The world should be fair......

Please, God help us.. to solve this circle.. :(
May God always be with us

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Starting from laziness

Recently, I'm absent in writing in this Blog.
I don't know... Why... maybe I'm too preoccupied to writing the things that are not part of my obligations.

I thing I need to start this habit again.
Huffa... [wake up from the laziness]

Anyway, Laziness... I think it is the last tings that I'd admit even if it is so obvious. ;-)
As today, I was blaming all the schedule as the main reason why I need move on with my thing.
Today, I don't have any particular agenda but it is still no single artifact is resulted.
So it is obvious what is the reason for all of these.

We can see the mistake of others even it is so small
Conversely, we "always" overlook about our mistakes though they are so fatal

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Often, I think I understand something very well. (maybe "think" should be replaced by "feel")

When I start to explain it by a writing artifact, then I feel I hit a wall.
Maybe Einstein is right

"You are not really understand it, when you can't explain it in simple manner".

Thinking is reduction of feeling
Speaking is reduction of thinking
Writing is reduction of speaking

so.... once I can write about something clearly and simply.. than..I can be proud that I really understand it.