Monday, November 01, 2004

First BLOG

Fiuh... finally I come to Trento
I hope I can set up my new life as a scientist (hahaha soo funny)

It's my first time go abroad alone, and it's my first time go to Europe

By the way as long as my journey I didn't find any big trouble (only little ones).
Thanks God

When I arrived to Malpensa-Milan, I just took Bus to Stazione Centrale.
Lucky me: because Nita has told about how to buy ticket there, because the ticket office at corner of building and there is no announcement bout that place.

I meet difficulty, because my train would go in 5 minutes, and I should go to first floor to get there with my very big Suitcase and the small one, or I go with another train 40 minutes later.
In my mind Go yudis.... or you would arrive at Trento at middle of night
I can't see which compartment I should take to that train
Lucky me: I met the girl (she cannot speak English but she know what I am asking). She show me the number, and I run go there.

Hahaha like rush hour in Bandung when I try to catch my train to Jakarta using Parahyangan. I don't know where I should sit, because the ticket written in Italian (huuh).

Lucky me: I met with Bangladesh guy, he told me where and he is also a Moslem soooo he tell me when I should break my fasting... hahahaha God always helping me....

When I arrived at Verona, I try to buy a drink for breaking fasting, and at next to my old train there is a banner "TRENTO-BOLZANO" hahahaha

Lucky me: I throw my big suitcase to that train and suddenly the train go. fiuh.. thanks God.

At the same time there is a young Italian girl that have just come from Venezia, only her that the people arround me can speak English. This train didn't give any announcement about the next station, so I should find where the train stop in Trento, because Bolzano is the final destination of this train n not Trent :(

Lucky me: That girl's name is Barbara. She study language in Venezia n Austria, and she will go to Trento, so I shouldn't find where I should go down... hahaha. Company with a nice, clever, sweet n pretty girl..... Thanks God

When I arrived at Trento at 08.00 p.m. and I don't know who is Nita and how does she look like?

Lucky me:
Only one Indonesian girl stand up in front of the station. And I know she is Nita. She is very kind and tough girl.
I can't imagine what could be happened if I'm coming first than Nita.

I stay at Nita's place for a moment until my place ready. She teach me a lot about how live in Italy. Thanks Nita for you're helping. There are so many things I learn from her

Fiuh.. thanks for all peopel who helping me...
Thanks God

But I'm still miss Sistel'ers, DIVUSI'ers, My Familiy and Friend....
I miss the moment I shout "Hoi.... bangun-bangung... mau berangkat jam berapa nih"
I miss the moment we stay whole day long at one box in RDPS
Climb up the rack to take another cable with RSP n Duktek'ers
Make a code in cold room with agent double "H"
Hang out try shiatsu and other delicious food----> Akung
I miss Cimoheng......Mbak Evi, Om Iza, Oon-Weni, Veriy, Fifi, Rafi n adeknya...

Wish me luck guys....

Live always struggle....
You should struggle for better live
Take all your opportunity, or you wouldn't see again

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