Sunday, June 05, 2005

How do you feel broken heart

Hurt? happy? sad?

mmm I think more than those words :D
There is a thick line between being friend and "girlfriend"

Maybe as thick as my body now.. :D hahaha.
So be careful to across that line, There is no point of return if you've
already crossed it.

For my opinion (now), girl is burden. :D (maybe it's just my
justification, because I don't have it) but really I'm feeling free and
can do whatever I want.
I can go wherever I want
I can work as long as I want
I can go with anyone that I want

It's cool.. :D
Besides that, I never feel broken heart.
because I'm follow the basic rule.
"Never fallin hearth, so you'll never broken heart"
Love is sword, both of the sides are sharp.
It can hurt you or your enemy.


Paman said...

huahahahaaa...huahahaaaaa.....,ga di Indo ga di Italy, pancet ae rek rek...

Anonymous said...

only with love will human learn to live

so if you refuse to fall in love, how do you know that you're alive?

ranti said...

Falling in love is another way to appreciate life, man...
Hehehe... takut sakit hati, jadi gak mao jatuh cinta sama sekali..? Ck ck ck... If it doesn't kill u, it'll make u stronger. Rugi lah kalo gak mao punya cewe.. apa pernah sakit hati, jd kapok? Hihihihi...