Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Struggle for everything

A Few days after (at Thursday, February 17th 2005)

I get the biggest moment for my life. Because of this moment, The Comprehensive Exams will be held. It's my first exams for the last 3 years.
Actually, my condition at this time is not quite good (heart and body) hahaha. But I realize I should overcome this challenge.

Study Hard, Work Hard and Pray (Tawakaltul Allah)

In this case, I see there is a good site that has already improved from my self. I don't get any stress like before. I feel relax and try to fulfill all my milestones. I wish I can pass perfectly this exam.
I know The God will decide anything that the best for me.
I've never known what the best is for me for today and future.
I've just known what I want at this time.

So, My duty is study, do the exams as good as I can.
How bout the final result? Who care bout that... nothing I can do at this section, everything is depend on the God.

I wish I can accept all the possibility.

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