Wednesday, October 12, 2005

2nd week of Ramadhan

This is the first time, I'm starting the fasting months outside my lovely country.
Actually, last year I did the last week of Ramadhan in Trento... My Lovely City.

A lot of people... just wondered why I can survive without drinking and eating almost 14 hours.. hihihihi.
And simple answer: "If you believe something, you will do everything beyond your mind or maybe your ability"

And other question, "What do you expect from the God, for doing this (read: fasting)?"
simple answer: "I don't want anything more, the God has already given anything that I want"

Next Question, "So? what is your motif for doing this?"
answer: "Because It is obligatory as a muslim, and I believe about Islam"

Sometimes, I feel lucky because I believe about the existence of God.
and I know about Islam (thanks mom, you have pushed me a lot to know it)

I'll try to become better.
But now... I'm still far from the good muslim criteria.

Sometimes we should believe something, without understanding where it comes from. It is the same when we believe about the Axioms, there is no explanation why it should be like that. But and then we can derive "Huge and Great" Theorem based on those axioms.

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