Friday, October 21, 2005

One Good day comes after 7 bad days

That's the statement of my master HEIKO

Actually, it seems weird, because we can get the bad ones more than the good ones. But in other sense, it will make us more tough than we think.

Today 21st October 2005, maybe the worst day of my life.
1. I loose my place (read: apartment), and I've time less than 10 days to find the new one. Because he informed me today afternoon. And the worst is today is OCTOBER, the new students have just coming and take all the places.
2. I almost miss jummah praying in Ramadhan
3. I have disagreement with my supervisor
4. My research is getting more complicated than we (I and my supervisors) think before. And I have short period to solve it.
5. My supervisor from Toronto will coming in Monday. And the problems are still problem and not become the result.
6. Opera haven't paid back my down-payment for the previous apartment

But anyway, as my motto: "Always seeing the condition in good shape"
There are several good things today:
1. I have many friends in Trento that really friend. All of them are aware and help me to deal with the first problem. Thanks guys.
2. I get temporary for living, in case I couldn't find the place. Thanks for the guys in the next door (read: the door of University). Michelle, Morshed, Robert and Tariq.

Anything else.. I think no.. :(
anyway at least, I have one ups, there is we'll go for small climbing in Sunday (thx for Heiko).

hihihi Thanks God.. :P
Wish me luck

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