Monday, September 05, 2005

Great Present from Christian

Mmm maybe he is not realize, if last week was my birhtday.
But anyway it's ok. ;)
Friday 2nd September 2005, I got nice and sudden mail.

"I have another ticket for the Formula 1 race on sunday in MONZA. If manage to go there let me know and you can have it",Christian said.

Wowww it's like falling star, nice offere and there is no word for "NO", but the problem is in 3rd Sept, I should go for Venice with the new Indonesia Compatriot, but As far as different time, I should manage it.

I went to MONZA with first train from Trento. There is so many people in Milan Central Station, all of them using all article represent each team in Grand Prix F1.

that's cool isn't it

This race was amazing, the sound of every car is too noisy but It's nice.
But I'm not 100% lucky... because my racers (read: Schumi and Kimi) were awful.
Anyway... again..... nice new experience.

Thank a lot for Christian.
Chris, when do we go for climbing again?? Let's do it before winter coming.

Oh ya for picture here


Ridwan said...

Damn...what a great opportunity you have! Schade, I kann nicht da sein...pengen di sono ikutan nonton :(
Eh ada gak sih balapan di jerman? Di sirkuit apa ya?

Yudi said...

huaaaaaaaaaaaaa.....aku mauuuuuuuuuu, aku mauuuuuuuuuuuuuu, pengen liat istrinya Montoya hiks..hiks....Kapan aku diajak?hiks..hiks...nanti gantian ta' ajak liat balapan sapi di kampungku :D