Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mind and Heart

There are a lot of different between both important things.
Moreover, they seem, sometimes, contradictory.

E.g.: I think I can't do it (as a result of thought), but I want to do that (as a result of belief) even I don't have capability.

But today I realise that there is commonality between them, none in the world can change your mind or heart. Myself is the only one that entitle to change them.

Maybe I can't change your heart and so you can't change my mind not to do it...

Mind and Heart, should do they working together as a partner or as a control balance for the other?

1 comment:

Anouk said...

Yudis, is it better to be happy? or to be right?

always confusing, when it comes to mind and heart...
but the most important thing is, take care of your own the end, whatever decision you make, when you are happy with it, it will be right!