Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hope and died....

The true died is once the human is not breath anymore... at least it is a criterion over century ago. Then the human thinks that heart beat is more significant that just only breathing.
Later, we realise that by electric shocking we can still make the heart beating when the peole has already died. And now, the the doctor (especially Coroner) examine the brain function to define the died.

The other notion of died in social term, Erich Fromm argue that the real died happens when we stop to hope something. The only things in the worlds that have no boundary and limitation "thought" and "hope". We can do as far as we want and It can make our life colourful.
Never-never stop for hoping and thinking

Thinking-Hoping or DIED

I'm still the same person with the one in last week. I'm still having a hope of something and doing in any means to achieve it. It makes my life more fruitful.
The only different with last week is Last week I have a chance to realise the hope and now I don't have it anymore.... everything is obvious now.

Since I'm hoping... at least I haven't died yet....
Always learn a good side of everything happens to us and you'll grow your wisdom

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