Wednesday, May 24, 2006

No Sadness


maybe it's one of the most human being is afraid of
this feeling is natural, and necessary to appreciate the happiness

We've never felt how is the delicious food if we never feel the awful one.
Since yesterday, I can't feel the sadness anymore.... ;-)

I don't know why... have I already lost my feeling toward her? or there is another thing happen to me without my notice.. :-)

So at least, from now on.. I'm getting rational...Wise People told, "feeling is the matter of heart but you need to keep your mind ON"

and it works to me........

before I told I have a hope but no chance to realise it....and that tought makes me sad and miserable
and now I tell to my self "You always have a chance..., at least the chance to forget the hope"
and keeping busy is the way to forget it.. ;-)

Busy busy busy.... :D

I always says "Smile and the world becomes better"
and now.. I feel her smile makes me sad and happy.. :D (but Happy >> Sad, so I get more Happy than Sad)

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