Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thinking and Feeling

after coming from Austria, it seems ok...everything can go as usual as nothing ever happen.
No feeling and no pain ...

Why this is starting again... :-(
I almost cure.... from my THINGS and these days I starts to feel it again..
and moreover after she was coming back..... :(

Maybe, denying the feeling or killing the feeling is the worst idea to move on.
Try to be rasional is better even not strong enough to compete with feeling

Sometimes, keeping busy is the easiest and smartest idea.... and let the time be a good advisory (as She said).

The more you deny something, actually under beneath your heart is the more you want it
as 3rd rule of Newton --> Action is equal than reaction

so it'd be like that and ever be like that even it's the matter of non physical thing (including feeling)

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