Thursday, August 17, 2006

Wireless battery charger for mobile gadgests

This summer , when I went to Denmark I needed another bag just to carry on all my charger.
As you know, I'm gadget mania...
More than 6 types of chargeer are laid in my backpack, and all of them has different power cords.
Why there is so many standards for power and all the gadgets implements their own power cord.
Moreover, you can see how is my charger in bag looks like, it looks like a bowl of noodle so many cables and they're scrambling arround.

Today, I've read status one of my friend (read: Rendo EL'99) about his wish of having wireless charger. I've heard this idea ages ago, thus I try to googling those keywords and ... walaaaaa

Japan, NTT-DoCoMo, has already implemented the idea in Panasonic mobile phone.
It's cool isn't it...
You have a charger for everything and you just need to place all your gadgets on top a special pad.

Laptop, MP3, Camera, Mobile phone, PDA, and any batteries will be charged immidietly.

I wish many tech. provider will implement this concept, s.t. I don't need to fill my bag with several chargers when I do travelling.

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