Friday, August 25, 2006

Learn from Butterfly

A Caterpillar has already became a beautiful butterfly
None in this world will disgust again with it
Everybody is greatful to see it and always wonders with the colors

We remember that a beautiful butterfly is used to be a disgusting caterpillar.
After some suffers, it becames one of the most beautiful creatures.

Egg --> Caterpillar --> Pupa --> Butterfly
so it is really look like our life

Loss --> Suffer --> Wake Up --> Happy

The nice observation of this novel is:
  1. The time in butterfly phase is a lot smaller than the other phase, it is the same with happy;
  2. After the metamorphosis, the other can get the advantage, namely cocoon (i.e., especially silk). It is the same when we can overcome our problem, hopefuly somebody can take a lesson learned of it.
I think today... I can say that I have done all my "contemplation" and I can conlude what I need to do, and start enjoy my life again.

  • Never expect something as a return, then you'll never be regret
  • Learn from the mistakes is the best way to learn, for me... learn for the others mistakes is even better. ;-)
Learn learn LEARN lEARN and it won't be enough.

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