Saturday, August 19, 2006


Lately, I put
SMILE and the worlds becomes better..
below of my signature in gmail mai. Actually, I'm not really sure about the validity that quote.

Today, I'm sure ...
Face everything with smile... because what happens to us has already been defined by HIM.
When HE decides about something than nothing can change it and never be changed.
So... face it
As believer, I believe it is the best for me, even most of the time, it is not the one that I want.

There is an amazon lays betweem the best one and the desired one.
Why there is no logical consequence about those concepts, life is easier if HE designs us always thought that we desiere the best one (desired -> best) or vice versa (best -> desired)

Smile in your face can give me a support even sometimes it is fake smile.
Once you can't smile event the fake one, then you don't have anything more.. to recover... and fall down until the bottom.

Another reason, why we shall smile if facing anything even the bad condition.
It because anything that happes to us that has been designed for use such that we can overcome. HE never gives something that beyond of our capabilities.
If it doesn't kill you than it'll make you stronger.

The last one, you shouldn't share any bad aura to others. By smiling, so you can cover up your sadness, and it won't make the others (of course, that care about you) worry

SMILE because we're always capable to do it, no matter happens

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