Wednesday, July 26, 2006


It is the nicest word that I have for the last several months.

Thanks for all Italian Companions that have arranged everything for tomorrow trip. I haven't done anything for this trip.... and maybe It is the first thing in my life.. I'm being a parasit... just taking from community and not giving anything.

Thanks for
Mary for arranging the flight, lodging, and review the plan
Roberto for arranging the plan and touristic object
Marco for booking the lodging
Marta for buying train ticket

and I aint do anything.. :( Cattivo

I hope after this event I can back to real Yudis
and not pretending smile even something miserable happens.

Like Cocoon that goes for meditaion for while before it achieves next steps of better life.
Maybe vacation on Denmark can bring the same philosophy.
We can learn from everything in the world, depending on the way we think about it.

Bismilla hirrahman nir rahim

Happiness is the aim of the human being life.
what is the happiness?? [hahaha that's the real question]

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