Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Today, we have a plan to arrange a dinner before everybody leaving for Summer Vacation.

Someone "special" is the one that has that initiative, that's very nice isn't it?

But unluckly, I have many things to be finished in two days.
I know my limit and my priority.

If I'm Yudis at several days ago.. so I'll skip my work and attending the dinner, and work like a hell afteward.

But, as I declare my self, that I need to change to move on and keep your priority and plan...
so I need to keep working til all things finish, and skip the dinner... :( [argghhhh]

Somehow, I don't agree with my decision but what can I do... the commandment has already declared and the word has already given. Man will be honored because what he says.

I wish she is upset (it means my existence is something) but she is understand with my situation.

Sorry..sorry sorry... sorry... :( WONDERFUL

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