Friday, July 07, 2006

Thanks to the Earth

Hi the Earth,

I wish you can read this statement
[leave me a sign if you can read it, can the Earth write in Blog? hihihihi]

Thanks for everything....
For teach me:
How to behave
How to react
How to keep the principle things above of everything

And for nice time and opportunity also.
It's a long time, I live in your hold without any thanks, even implicitly.

As a human, I always live to exploit the Earth,
and now it's the time for the earth demanding.
Therefore, I'll be away for while to adjust everything in order to suit what your demand

you're really strong and I'm damn sure you're not weak at all.
Surely, I'm too Haughty to say all, directly
Sorry for that

Ego is necessary, but there is an amazon, even bigger, between having Ego and being Egoistic

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