Monday, July 24, 2006

Occhio non vede, cuore non fa male

That's another quote that I learn from the wonderful.

Many things we can do beyond our capability since we have a belief and a will.

If there is a will then there is a way
I can do many things as long as I still have a will or motivation to do so.

it is a feeling/a mental state that motivate you to do something. This thing comes from your sense (e.g., eyes, skins, ears, nose, etc).
It is a mental state/feeling. So, it is not necessary that is coming from the thought.

What are the sources of the motivation:
- any type of feelings: from hate until love
- any type of belief
- anythings

You do something because of you can or you want.
Ax1: doing --> can or want
You want to do something because you have motivation
Ax2: want --> motivation

Einstein said, "The nicest thing in the life is living for someone and not from someone"

because someone feels honorable to have X, then I'd do X
so I can say it is a motivation to do X

what happens if now, it embarrasses someone?
so I don't have a motivation anymore
P1: !motivation

I don't have any capability to end this.
P2: !capability <-> !can

Ax2: want -> motivation
!motivation -> !want (there is no motivation, means I shouldn't want anymore)

Ax1: doing -> can or want
!can and !want --> !doing

I think based on my logic I need to stop to do it.
And move on....
Today is 1 step, if tomorrow I keep doing it so at least becoming 2 steps.

Jika aku tak melihat maka mungkin lebih mudah aku tuk mulai melupakan dia.

Thanks for the last words WONDERFUL

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