Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Pride.....Piss off ... when "Enough" is enoungh

"Everybody has their own price and pride"

If you want something you'll do any means to get it.
but the big question... is until when it'll happen?

It could be within a certain timeframe, a certain level effort, or a certain level of pride.
But experience speaking, the first two criteria are nogotiable. It means if the level has passed, we intend to prolong it whereas it is not the case for the last criterion.
Once I touch the level of pride... it almost can't be negotiated again, if it can so.. you can think the "something" must be very pricious for me.

But...life must go on.. we can't stay too long in one phase.
Once you get stuck in a certain phase there are two ways: try harder or find other equivalent of phase.

For "this phase", I choose to quit and find other equivalent phase.
Wish me luck guys

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