Monday, January 23, 2006

Love vs Secretary Problem

Falling love.... it is the most un-describable feeling.

"We never manage something, that we can measure"

is it true for falling love? it is hardly be measured but most of the
people could make it... (instead of me, I think)

Someday ago, I modeled the falling love as Secretary Problem
If we devote to somebody, and then not any more
so there is not point to return back again.

AND I AGREE with this model more than 100%

Maybe this model is too strict
"How about if I realized that my previous girlfriend is better than as I
thought that time?"

"That's your fault. You can't dump something you thought as a waste and
then pick again once you need"

"How about if I moved up, because I think, my effort couldn't be working
out? That's why, if now it is feasible why not keep trying again"

"That's your fault. You have given up too early, and why not keep trying
even harder until the end"

"How about if the girl had boyfriend? And once she broke up, I can try

"That's their fault, why not broke while you were interested on her"

So for the last case, can we back again?
because it is not our fault... ;)

my angel side:
You can back again, whatever the reasons.
Moreover, if it is not your fault.

my devil side:
NO... NO...
Because if you became her boyfriend.
It seems you're the second choice....
don't you mind life as a second choice?

mmmm life.... why you're so complicated....

Albert Einstein, "Everything should be simple, but not simpler"

But sometimes, we moved up because of something that we can't engineer
again. But how about suddenly, if the situation turns to other way.

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