Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Does the GOD exist?

I have several times discussion about the existence of the God with several of my friends.
This time, I'll try to answer one of statements that intends to refuse the existence of the God.
I call IT as the God, and it doesn't limit from a belief that believes with multiple Gods/gods.

One day, there is a man, called Bob, that wants his hair and beard are trimmed such that it looks better.
Therefore, he goes to a barbershop.
During the barber, called Charlie, does his task, they involve in a discussion about many things and one of them is about the existence of the God.

Bob says, "I don't believe if the God exist"
Charlie says, "How come? don't you see many of his creations?"
Bob says, "Mmm, but as you see.... if the God is merciful and beneficent then how come so many people are in hunger and stay in poverty and sick".
Charlie says,"So ?"
Bob says, "So there is no such thing that we call God. Even there is so He is not as nice as we think because He lets it happens".
Charlie is silent and try not to oppose the Bob's opinion.

After everything finished, Charlie pays the fee and leaves the barbershop.
While he is standing in front of the barbershop, he sees a beggar with awful hair and bread.
Suddenly, Charlie shouts, "I do believe that there is no barber in this world".
Surely, Bob feels offended about that statements.
Bob responses, "I'm a barber and I exist, so you're totally wrong".
Charlie says, "If he exists why there is people with awful hair and bread? even he stays exactly in front of a barbershop."
Without any further comments, Charlie goes continuing his day.

Lesson learnt, Barber exists but a beggar doesn't come to him to trim his hair, and if there is a beggar.
In the case of God, THIS THING exists and we just need to come and ask HIM for help.
are we so arrogant such that we still demand that the God helps us even we don't tell him what we want?

before I thought that
if the GOD exists then there is no poverty
and I think this premise is too strong
so I refine it: if the God exists and we ask HIM for help then there is no poverty dfd
Further question:
how about if we have already asked HIM a help ?
[thinking in progress]


Anonymous said...

poverty sucks. But it doesn't mean that everything that sucks doesnt have a meaning. Poverty does have meaning.. For all the rich ppl it has, to help those who aren't. For the one who're poor there's a meaning, too.. to survive and struggle and makes them stronger. Only ppl who thinks about god, will know that..

Luciana Bonino said...

Hi Yudis!
I was missing you! How are you? How was your trip to Indonesia? how is your work?
Wel, here everything is ok. Thank's God!
The baby is growing fast and becoming more and more active inside my belly!
We are expecting the birth for may 25. Let's see if she agrees with this! :)
I promiss that I will try to write some parts of my blog in english! Sorry! :)
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