Sunday, October 22, 2006

Move on

Move on...
it is the WORD that we ofthe hear when we fail to achieve something.

but why?? we do not to keep fighting to achieve it....
Who knows that the current failure is just a temporary.. and not the permanent one?
Maybe we have limited-energy for fighting due to other activities.

Even I have limited-energy, limited-time and other limitation... but all these limitations are established by our mind..... so if somehow we can deal with our mind.. then we always have energy even the little one.

Don't excuse that you must move on... because you don't have energy and time to do it.
We will move on... when we want it and give up your disire ... and there is no other reason

People will move on for improve their lives or maybe just for survival.

Shall I move on now??
Why I "pack my stuff" even I don't want to move on?? :(

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